Published Articles

I have worked as a part-time freelance writer for over a decade and have written dozens of articles for print and online publications. I have an M.A. in Print Journalism from Boston University, and love the process of learning about new people, places and ideas through my writing and research. 

My work has been featured in WNY Family, Buffalo Spree HOME, Bay State Parent, Buffalo Rising (online), MomSense (the former MOPS magazine), Forever Young, FullFill, Thrive and Chicken Soup for the Soul. 

My areas of interest include (but are not limited to): parenting, family, holistic/natural health and food, exercise and fitness, mental health issues, and writing about faith and how to intentionally integrate faith practices into family life. 

Below is a list of some of my articles titles/publications. Writing samples are available upon request. 

Family Friendly Cures for Cabin Fever, WNY Family Magazine (February 2019)
Self-Care for the Caregiver, WNY Family Magazine (February 2019)
Canine Refugees, Buffalo Magazine (April 2019)
Gardening 101: Gardening With Your Kids, Buffalo Magazine (May 2019)
5 Dads Talk about the Work/Family Balance, WNY Family Magazine (June 2019)
How Much Sugar is Too Much,WNY Family (July 2019)
Home Projects: Let There Be Light and Bringing New Life to Old Wood Buffalo Spree HOME--April 2018
Urban Family Living: How A Family of Six Fixed Up an Old House and Makes City Living Work for Them, Buffalo Spree HOME (November 2018)
Let There Be Light: Adding Under Cabinet Lighting to Your Kitchen, Buffalo Spree HOME (March 2018)
Faces of Home: Brooke Pelc, Buffalo Spree HOME (June 201
The Neighborhood Hospitality Garden Buffalo Spree HOME (August 2017)

Kids Spaces: Sophistication with Flair Buffalo Spree HOME (August 2016)

Organizing Stuff: An Expert Primer, Buffalo Spree HOME (September 2016)
Exploring Buffalo’s Winter Wonderlands, Forever Young (January 2015)
A Legacy of Dance: Maris Battaglia, Forever Young (July 2015)
A Perfect Cup: A Coffee Primer, Forever Young (September 2015)
7 Ways to Create Style on a Budget, Buffalo Spree HOME (September 2015)
Shelia Reigh: Painting Her Own Career, Forever Young Magazine (November 2015)

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dating Game, December 2013, The Best Tip Ever

Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Devotional for Wives, September 2013,  Becoming a Helper

MomSense Magazine- August 2013, Conquering the First Day Jitters

MomSense Magazine- Feb. 2013, Marks from the Journey

MomSense Magazine- April 2012, Potty Training 102

Forever Young Magazine, My WNY Story-- Dan and Alice Loncto (Owners of Fleet Feet)

Forever Young Magazine, Blind Curves Book Review

Forever Young Magazine, Dan Frontera: Running on a Mission

Buffalo Spree HOME Magazine, A More Colorful Approach

FullFill Magazine, Online blog, Who Are Your BFF's

Forever Young Magazine, It's Never Too Late to Start a Hobby

Forever Young Magazine, Ruth Mohn's Artistic Passions

Buffalo Spree Beauty Book, Vein Therapy

Buffalo Spree Beauty Book, Tween Spa Parties

FullFill Magazine, Online blog, An Imperfect Influence

Forever Young Magazine, Step Up to Stop Falls

Thrive Magazine, Many Hands Make Light Work, A Profile of Buffalo's Habitat For Humanity

Unite Magazine A Relevant Conference for Today's Christian Woman

Forever Young Magazine, An Unlikely Marathoner

FullFill Magazine, Online blog, Running the Race

FullFill Magazine, Online blog, Love One Another

Thrive Magazine, Buffalo Writers Round-Up, Profiles of Local Writers

Thrive Magazine, Architecture Profile: The Red Cross Building, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Thrive Magazine, Habitat For Humanity profile

Buffalo Rising, Non Profit Profile, Jericho Road Ministries

Buffalo Rising, An Introduction to Non-Profit Profiles, A series of profiles I began working on highlighting some of the fabulous work done by non-profits in the Buffalo area

Buffalo Rising, Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance, An article about the formation of a new arts coalition in Buffalo

Buffalo Rising, The Community Art Project, about an art based literacy initiative

Bay State Parent, Breaking the Pregnancy News to Your Boss

Bay State Parent, The Importance of Having Friends as a Mom

Bay State Parent, The Pressure for Super Stardom

Bay State Parent, Massachusetts Sends Several to the 2008 Summer Olympics

Bay State Parent, The Zula Patrol Lands at the EcoTarium