Thursday, November 3

Is This Illegal?

Check out this picture...

Who parks like that? On the curb?!!! Outside of Target?!!!

Surely it was some crazy woman driver who does not know how to park a large vehicle. 

Here is a photo of the driver....

She's trying to hide her face...but surely you can identify the culprit here...

I'm not sure which was worse, that she left her car like that while she ran into the store or that she had the audacity to take a picture of her car like that in the middle of a public place. 

When a momma's husband goes out and buys a large "man" car because it has a lot of cool buttons inside but it's a little bit hard to park because it's way bigger than anything else they've owned, and said momma needs to grab sandwiches at the grocery store before she picks up her daughter from preschool at noon...and it is 11:53 when she pulls into the parking lot, momma is going to do whatever it takes to get things done...a.k.a. take the spot closest to the store that is right next to curb, and requires turning at a very odd angle to get into...desperate times call for desperate measures. 

The best part is momma's husband's reaction...

"Well, it IS a Land Rover."

He was so proud...


  1. My husband and I recently went from a car to a Jeep, and I'm still not used to the size difference. I ran into a gas pump the other day.

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